Ep. 9 - Window repair

Well, I have a huge job ahead of me...

Turns out that the inside frame, (that the paneling runs behind) is stapled to the window frame!

So, removing the window MUST be done for two reasons...
  • I need to replace the paneling on the inside
  • They used a foam gasket around to window to seal it.
Actually they used that black foam gasket around EVERY  window, door and appliance to the outside...

So, to all you glampers, rv repair'ers, fix-er upper's out there... NEVER NEVER USE FOAM GASKET, to seal your windows and doors. This will only lead to a leak, as the gasket will compress, and break the seal.

Once again, re-sealing a window is not that difficult, I would consider it one of the more easier things to do when fixing a trailer / rv.

First pull the rubber trim that is hiding the screws off. Don't bother to try to reuse, the trim is cheap at any rv dealership, and adding new, gives it that nice pop at the end.
Remove the screws, again, don't reuse, buy new, (stainless steel is preferable). Some of my screws broke right off, that is how rusted they were from the water leak.
I was working on the front window so I had to remove the holding bracket to the rock guard protector as well.

 The Rock Guard frame was the only thing that had butyl tape.

 Pull the window out, it would be a good idea if you have someone there to help you. The last thing you want to do, is to drop it.

I pulled the foam gasket off and replaced with butyl tape. I put a layer of butyl tape on the window and also on the trailer. At this point if there are and dips or valleys add alittle more butyl tape to that area.

 Place the window back, and Bob's your uncle. One of the easier things to do...

The only problem I had was that I had to make sure the insulation and paneling was complete before redo'ing the window.

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