Ep. 5 - Replace RV roof plumbing vent

I started by fixing the roof, and while I was up on the roof I noticed the same crappy caulk job not only on the terminator bar (Trim) for the roof, but basically on all extrusions.

I dont have a picture of just the vent, as you can see here on both plumbing vents and the roof vent, the caulk is curling up and not sticking to the membrane.

To take it off...? I just pulled with my fingers, with very little effort.
So, you can say, we were just relying on the Butyl tape for water penetration.

Do not be afraid to use additional putty. It is very hard to add putty when you see gaps, as apposed to trimming extra.

Also make sure that you clean the area before you apply RV Caulking.
I used the ProFlex RV, as well as the Lap sealant.


ProFlexRV to seal around the vent, I then added Dicor Lap Sealant.

The finish product, with Dicor Lap Sealant.
Next... the Roof Vent...

Enjoy the video...

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