Ep. 8 - Fix a hole in the rv roof

So, during my remodel of the trailer, and since I was having to fix the front roof anyways, I made a point to remove "unnecessary" possibilities of anything that could cause more leaks.

That means the old radio antenna, and tv antenna were being taken out.
Since we are using this for a weekend tripper, and most places now have wifi, or our cell phones, what use do we have for the antenna. Same thing for the tv antenna. Really, I am surprised if they even install these on rv's anymore.

The tv antenna was closer to the very front of the trailer, and that hole was being covered by the previous episode, where I replaced the first 2 feet of roofing with plywood.

Oh what fun!
From the interior with the ceiling in place, you would not know that this was leaking...

But, when I removed the crappy caulking and screws, low and behold...

As you can see from the inside, it was doing some damage.

So, after cleaning up the whole, I needed to plug it. I did not want to cut more wood to make it square, and take a chance of cutting the roof membrane, so I just cut a hole with a hole saw!
Fit perfectly!

I then secured it from below, and patched the roof, with Eternabond.

What you dont see in the picture, is that after this was done, I then went over the seams with lap sealant.

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