Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Original Alice


1994 21 foot Dutchman Four Winds Travel Trailer

Alice came into our family after a few glasses of wine, sitting by the fire at the lake one night.

"Don't you miss just going in your parents RV for a weekend jaunt to the States, or just trying out new campgrounds?"

Then it proceeded to...
"Well how about if we look for something cheap, and if we have to, fix it up?"

Then it ended with...
"Yeah, lets do it!" "CHEERS!"

So, I looked and looked, what turned out to be REALLY cheap, was well... REALLY CHEAP!
I could see past it, I saw vision, a canvas, something we can turn into our own. But, Heather could not.

So, I kept looking, and finally came across her, I was alone, Heather out of town on business, and as I sent her a text that I was going to look at a trailer, I was excited, it was a perfect size, the pictures of her had me thinking already of the things we can do.
What a bargaining chic I was, calling Heather from INSIDE the trailer saying, "We found her! I think she is it!" while the owners stood outside and gave me some "alone time".

Site unseen, Heather had faith in me, and we both agreed that she was the one.

I knew that there was a soft spot in the ceiling, I can easily fixed that...
I knew the jackknife couch is uncomfortable it would be the first thing I toss out...

But, was I ready for this? Could I take on such a project?