Ep. 7 - Fix a water damaged front RV roof


As you see by this picture the top right side, shows just a "ripple" in the roofing material.
The left side where the antenna is shows no damage what so ever.

The left corner roof was actually more rotten then the right!
And this you could not tell from the inside at all.

Well, after putting her away for the winter, I pulled Alice out in April, doing odds and ends on her with little motivation. But, when you have a huge project like this, you have to start!

So, my task was to work on the front area of the trailer. The floor was rotten from the holding tank drain that went no where. The front roof that we knew from when we purchased it, had a leak, which lead to the sides being rotten as well...

So, sometimes, starting on one thing leads to another, and with fixing the front floor, leads to fixing the front roof. This was done with care, as the weather was not promising, and I had to figure out when I could actually have a big whole in the roof over night.

I decided that I was not going to ever use the old am/fm/tape deck, with this day and age of iTunes, who needs it, as well as the TV antenna, so these were  coming out, and less holes in the roof!

During this whole coarse of action, I found ways that SHOULD NOT BE DONE!

I am going to stress the same thing I stated in previous Episode 3, regarding how to seal a rubber roof...
  • Dealer / previous owner did not put Butyl tape between metal roof and EPDM (rubber membrane) so the water just wicked in when the putty deteriorated.
  • Dealer / previous owner did not clean the surface before putting caulking / silicone down. (It pulled up easily where it shouldn't, and stayed where I did not want it to)
  • Alot of time was taken to remove all the existing brittle Butyl tape / caulking.

If you are fixing / replacing your rubber roof, make sure you read the installation instructions on Dicor, the pictures of terminations helped amazingly!

Most important thing to remember... Clean all surfaces and make a "sandwich"...

Note: Sealing the front is DIFFERENT then from sealing the rear roof!

  1. Decking
  2. rubber roofing
  3. Butyl Tape
  4. metal sheeting
  5. Butyl tape
  6. Termination bar (trim)
  7. Lap sealant

  1. Decking
  2. metal sheeting
  3. Butyl tape
  4. rubber roof
  5. Butyl tape
  6. Termination bar (trim)
  7. Lap sealant

Same thing goes for the way the roof vent hole was cut in the rubber roof...

The rubber membrane was not extended
into the hole then stapled to the wood 
                    I had to tape with Eternabond roof tape to cover
         the edges and bring it down into the box.

So, on to the roof!
After pulling back the rubber roof and removing the rotten wood, I had to replace and shore up the trusses.


Apply the rubber roof glue, and reapply the roof, then squeegee the bubbles out, you are then ready to Butyl tape and add the termination bar as stated above.

Inside view of ceiling

The roof complete, just need to add lap sealant...


  1. I adore your websites way of raising the awareness on your readers.

    1. Thank you! If I can help someone with do's and donts, that makes me happy.